Radical Face :: Always Gold

Posted: October 22, 2012 in Songs

Radical Face :: Always Gold
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Though many of the songs I post will have some personal story behind it, this one is just something I like listening to early in the morning, with my first coffee and a Belvita biscuit. Not that I’m up very early in the morning most days. I can imagine it though.

Waking up at the first hint of dawn, the sun’s rays peeking through cracks in the curtain as the song starts. Soothing at first, just piano and a sweet sort of humming in the background, accompanied by this odd percussion that sounds like an empty bucket hitting the side of a stone well. By the time it builds, I’m starting to open my eyes.

The beats get faster, more consistent, urging me to stand and open the window. I’m not even listening to the lyrics, just the music and the beat, telling a story, any story, that could describe anyone or anything. The refrain hits and I’m watching the rest of the world greet the day, a slight breeze ruffling my hair, carrying the sweet scent of morning dew as crows caw in the distance and people pass walking their dogs.

There’s a brief interlude in the middle, where I can close the window, leaving the curtains open for the sun to shine through. I wander to the coffee maker and turn it on, hunting up breakfast as the room fills with the fragrance. The vocals come in again and my mind drifts to odd memories- snatches of dreams, of conversation, pictures of friends and places I’ve been.

But I am fine with where I am now
This home is home, and all that I need
But for you, this place is shame
But you can blame me when there’s no one left to blame

The music video and the lyrics tell a story of two brothers, one always traveling, one always waiting for him to come home. There are days when I can relate, when it feels like people are slipping in and out of my life while I stay, stagnant, stable. Sometimes I’m okay with that. Sometimes I want to be the one moving on. I do like the idea of being a home of sorts, the rock, the wise old tree that stands its ground. But I’m neither wise or ready to take root, and this ramble has run off on a tangent.

I hate how I’ve chained myself to a desk but songs like this make it bearable. And remind me that, I don’t always have to be like this. The sun will shine again tomorrow. People come and go. So can I.


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