Terminal :: Don’t Worry My Love

Posted: November 9, 2012 in Songs

Terminal :: Don’t Worry My Love
Available on: iTunes

Usually Fridays are reserved for flashbacks but this song has been on repeat for the last day and I can’t write about anything else. My most recent posts have been highly emotional. I felt like I was fighting not just what was happening around me, but my own reactions to the situations. There was a moment yesterday when I had my head down on my desk. I was overreacting but I couldn’t control it. Couldn’t talk myself out of the fear that I’d be estranged from my family once they found out the extent of my beliefs. That’s when this song came on.

There’s no spark but a constant flame
There’s nothing but you and me here
But now I feel you hide something that you can’t say

It started off softly, with keyboard effects. The vocal came in, like a hand extended, inviting me to uncurl from where I’d been holding my emotions in.

I can see when you hide your scars
I can see when you fall apart
There’s no need for deceit
There’s no need to compromise

The words coaxed me to look up, take that virtual hand, and let it pull me up. I almost couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Whatever I’d feared, in that moment, didn’t matter. Because, as silly as it sounds, someone was telling me they understood.

Don’t worry my love
I’m gonna make you feel right
Lay your head down on my shoulder
Don’t worry my love
Just set your doubt and fear aside
This heartache of yours ends tonight

After the first refrain, I just soaked up the rest of the lyrics, the music. The keyboards began to feel like a soft, cleansing rain. I floated along the sweet, melodic interlude and got lost in the faster drum and chant, call and echo. By the time the final refrain hit, I’d immersed myself in the song, fully believing everything would be okay. Somehow.

I know this song isn’t directed at me. But at that moment, it felt like a gift of fate. The lyrics were everything I needed to hear, the exact moment I needed to hear it. And a reminder that it doesn’t always have to be this way.

If you want to hear more, help Terminal get their next album off the ground. If that weren’t enough, 8% of the goal collected goes to support World Wildlife Fund. That’s a win-win. ♥


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