Fun. :: The Gambler

Posted: November 11, 2012 in Songs

Fun :: The Gambler
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Needed a bit of a break from reality and this came on. I just posted this band last week but I rarely argue when Spotify gifts me a song.

It’s one of the sweetest love songs I’ve ever heard. The combination of melody and rolling piano make me want to set it on repeat forever. I paid attention to the lyrics in the beginning but at some point, I lost track of what he was saying. Don’t get me wrong, it paints a lovely story about a family (singer Nate’s according to this clip)- how the parents met, fell in love, had children, and grew old together. But really, he could have been talking about anything, reading the encyclopedia in verse form, it wouldn’t have mattered. I just wanted the music to go on.

It was also a bit of an escape. Though It’s a very real story, it seems fantastical to me. Not in the sense that I don’t believe it can happen. I just can’t see it happening to me. To be fair, it’s something I never really wanted. I knew my life would be different, partly because I was convinced I’d be dead by the time I was 33. I never truly imagined a family of my own, the picket fence, the house with 2.5 kids and a dog. I’m not a fan of children and… I’m allergic to canines. When my doctor thought I had cancer a few years ago, I thought that was it- my premonition and fear come to life. In a way, I have to admit, I was relieved. I was living in what I considered to be hellish circumstances at the time and all but wanted it to be over.

But she was wrong. And I was wrong. I’m still here and starting over.

I can’t really identify with this song except… to be happy for the people who actually get to live it. I finally looked up the lyrics yesterday, just to see what it was all about. What I read made me smile. Even more so when I found out it was about a real family. I can see it in my own even, though the details are different. My dad is easily cast as the gambler in this story. He left a good job, a decent life back home to strike out here, a complete unknown. My parents are still together, I’m the brother who believes in everything and everyone and had to be saved. My own brother fits the song though, he’s very much like my mom. Though I will follow a different road to find my own happiness, this is where I came from. It’s a good thing.

I wanted to quote the entire song but let’s just leave off where everyone should start- the beginning.

Slow down, we’ve got time left to be lazy
All the kids have bloomed from babies into flowers in our eyes.
We’ve got 50 good years left to spend out in the garden I don’t care to beg your pardon,
We should live until we die.


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