Artist Spotlight :: The Howling

Posted: November 17, 2012 in Artists

Artist Spotlight :: The Howling

I wasn’t feeling particularly angry this morning but hearing them really hit the spot. Considering I’ve been going for really mellow stuff lately, it came as a bit of a surprise. It was “Pitbull” that caught my attention first. Maybe it was the guitar effect in the beginning. It initially sounded less aggressive than it really was. By the time I realized there were drums in the mix, I was already into the groove. When the chorus hit, I was headbanging, not really sure how I’d gotten there. Didn’t really care to be honest. Just felt good to let loose for a change.

Next up was “Beat the Panic.” I was already revved up from “Pitbull” so this was a more natural transition. This song is just plain fun. It’s such a live song, I can totally imagine being in the middle of a pit, surrounded by people with fists in the air jamming along. Something about the guitars gets me too. I wanted the solo to keep going.

I am the racket in your head, that’s getting louder and louder again
And when I’m done with you, you’ll be lucky to be breathing

Some days I just want to be totally taken over. This is one of those songs I can lose myself in and come out stronger afterwards. Grounded by the guitars, energized by the drums, egged on by the vocals, I feel like I’m ready to tackle the world, teeth bared and growling. Bring it on.


The Howling is a “newer” band out of London town, looking to “[drag] punk rock to a new generation” by “mixing Punk riffs with beats, samples and gut wrenching bass lines” according to their Twitter bio.

Headed by James ‘Blacky’ Black (formerly in Red Star Rebels), and ‘The Rev’ (of Towers of London and The Prodigy fame), The Howling have been raising havoc in the UK over the last year. They’ve just started releasing songs but have been working on their sound since 2009. I’m really excited to hear what they’ve come up with. Blacky and The Rev already have so much experience under their belts. Add Chappell, Jack Wayne, & Aaron Grimes, it’s bound to be amazing.

Fave Quote: “Even in punk and rock, being brave is far more rewarding than following your heroes.” ~ Blacky, interview with Sonic Shocks

Music: SoundCloud | YouTube
Interviews: Uber Rock | Music Vice | Sonic Shocks


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