Paloma Faith :: Stargazer

Posted: December 20, 2012 in Songs

Paloma Faith :: Stargazer
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Undoubtedly my favorite song on the album but I almost didn’t post it as I couldn’t get past the lyrics. They’re beautiful. Poetic. Sappy. Actually, sappy isn’t the right word. It’s more… needy, a trait I’ve been trying to shake since last year. But that’s only at first glance.

He was a star collector, she knew about the skies.
He was a tight-rope walker, she was the talk of the town.
While he was in the clouds he’d show her the signs and he’d know what they mean…
Twinkle twinkle, little dream.

A deeper analysis shows a story of bad timing. In the beginning, she was the sun and he was the follower. Then when he found his space, she became the one who looked up at the sky. How many times have things happened at the inopportune moment? You fall for someone too fast, they’re not interested. You try to move on. It hurts but eventually, you’re able to. That’s when they start wondering where you are. The sad part is that when both of you are alone, both of you stare up at the same stars, wishing for the same thing. But the time was never right. That’s the reality and the tragedy of it.

She had it all and lost it, now he’s forever in space.
He circles Haley’s comet, lights up the sky like a flame.
Now she’s the star collector, she knows the signs and she knows what they mean…
Twinkle twinkle, little dream.

Another aspect is the idealization of love. It’s easy to look back at a person, a moment in your past that was everything you dreamed, and believe that’s the best it could ever be. The little fights and annoyances, things you may have even hated, fade as the reality of being alone sets in. You start to crave that feeling of being with someone. That person’s flaws dissipate until all that’s left is this shining, bright light that is everything you had hoped for and lost.

Stargazer, heartbreaker, wish you were here
How will I shine anymore without your atmosphere?
My dear stargazer, don’t disappear.
How will shine anymore when you’re not here?

The obvious answer is to find and ground yourself. Your happiness isn’t dependent on someone else. Add a bit of hard-won cynicism and the chorus becomes manipulative, a last-ditch attempt to perhaps guilt trip someone from leaving you.

The title of the album asks, Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful? The song is without a doubt something beautiful- the lyrics, the melody, the imagery. But it’s not necessarily the truth. For that, you have to look within. During those times you’re wishing, hoping, dreaming, and wondering, the only one who can truly save you is you. The stars and the answers are inside.



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