Dir en grey :: 輪郭 [ Rinkaku ]

Posted: January 17, 2013 in Songs

Dir en grey :: 輪郭 [ Rinkaku ]
Available on CDJapan: Special [CD+Live DVD] | Limited [CD+DVD] | CD

Trying to say I’m not affected by this band is like denying I’m cold when my fingers are already turning blue. I can’t even pinpoint it. Most of the songs from their last album, Dum Spiro Spero have evoked something of a journey or exploration through the mind. This one continues on that vein.

Something in that initial clash of guitars just grabs me and pulls me in. Kyo’s voice is eerie, like some spirit guiding me through corridors of some abandoned dusty house. There are shadows everywhere, some of them move. Some of them have secrets. Despite the darkness, the potential danger, the spirits prove eventually harmless. The chorus gives rise to hope, to some faint light, than everything in the house, including me, can be saved.

I have no idea what the lyrics say. I haven’t looked up the translation. But such is the sheer power in Dir en grey’s music. If you open yourself to it. If you let go enough to truly listen. At some point, the song ceases to become a result of carefully placed guitar, drum, and bass notes. It takes you on a journey, however far and however deeply you want to fall.

A new mini album, 『THE UNRAVELING』 is set for release on April 3, 2013.
Preorder at CDJapan: Special [2CD+DVD] | Limited [CD+DVD] | CD



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