Buckcherry :: Dreamin’ of You

Posted: April 3, 2013 in Songs

Buckcherry :: Dreamin’ of You
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This song goes out to a certain person. It speaks for me better than I can.

Dreaming of your face, you’re all mine,
Keep sending through the space and time.
I have so much faith, it’s our time,
There’s so much out there to embrace.

The last few weeks have taught me more than ever that I want you in my life. In most, if not every single aspect of my life. I want you there when I’m at a live, when I’m pushed up against an amp and my ears are bleeding. I want you to be the person I turn to in my euphoria, to grin at and hug because the music has made me so high and I feel like I can conquer the world. I want you at the table when I find people who mesh with me, who I feel an instant connection to. Because not having you there makes me feel like there’s an empty chair even though all the seats are full.

You can never turn away when you fly so high
But you might as well stay, there’s no limit to the sky.
And you’re always telling me you’re not afraid of change,
Now it’s our time to shine, it’s our time.

I want you there when I’m standing in line for a ride, to tease because you’re easily frightened and sometimes forgetful. I want you there when the fireworks start going off so I can see the sparks in your eyes and hear you squeak when it gets loud. I want you next to me when I dance, when I sing, when I’m skipping along the sidewalk because the sky is gorgeous and the sun is shining and I’m chasing after a butterfly only I can see.

Dreaming of our place, it’s sublime,
It pulls you in and fills your eyes.
What else can I say with our minds?
There’s nothing we cannot create.

We don’t always have the same interests. I understand that. I accept it. I still want you there with me, the same way I’ll sit in a room with you and just listen to you and your friends laugh and flail about things that are alien to me. It’s scares me sometimes, until I realize that’s okay. Because we have more in common than not. Because we go deeper than the surface. Because I can sit in a room with you and do nothing and still be perfectly content. I need that as much as I need to be going full speed past 4AM with the guitars blasting in my ears and bass pounding my chest until I think it’s going to explode.

When the feeling’s gone and you can’t go on,
Just remember one thing, that won’t last long.
Believe in yourself and stand up tall,
It’s our time to shine, it’s our time.

You give me a place to come home to. It’s not always puffy clouds and candy stars but it’s safe and warm and constant. There’s support, and warmth, and whenever we lose our fear enough to admit it, love. I want to grow that. To get us to a place where easy laughter runs louder than the deafening silence when  neither of us wants to talk about a problem. Where trust is second nature, and the times we’re apart just make us appreciate and treasure more the times when we’re together. It may never be sparkles and roses (I’m allergic anyway) but there’s enough fairy dust to go around. We can push each other to be better, allow each other to shine, watch each other grow, and be proud of what the other has become.

Dreaming of you,
Dreaming of you,
Dreaming of you,
Dreaming of you.



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