Live Report :: Bryce Soderberg & the 2nd Wheel + Charming Liars

Posted: April 18, 2013 in Music, Shows
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Bryce Soderberg & the 2nd Wheel + Charming Liars
Monday; March 25, 2013 @ 7:30 PM
  The Troubadour – Los Angeles, CA

I originally went to this show just for the 2nd Wheel. I’ve been an on-again-off-again fan of Lifehouse a few years now and have seen them live a handful of times. One of my fave songs is “Wrecking Ball,” a sweet, catchy thing with brighter vocals than their usual fare. The change perplexed me until I found out their bassist, Bryce had taken lead mic. So I was incredibly excited when Bryce announced his solo work with 2nd Wheel. They released “Stardust” via Bandpage earlier this year and I immediately fell in love.

Fast forward a few months later, Bryce announced he’d be opening a show at the Troubadour. I was scheduled to work that night but I begged to switch shifts with someone as I’d already missed the last show he posted. Most of the “early” crowd didn’t seem familiar with the music and so hung back a bit when the band got onstage. I caught a few “fans” though, peppered here and there. In the end, only three people stayed in front- me and two other girls who seemed to know him.

Setlist (possibly in the wrong order):
Big Talk
It’s So Easy
How Soon Is Now (Cover)
Warrior (with Toby Rand)
Early Warning

I really enjoyed the set, especially “Stardust” which got my body moving as most of my favorite songs do. It surprised and pleased me to no end when Bryce singled me out afterwards to thank me for dancing. “You’re the first person ever to dance to my music! Thank you!” It gave me the opportunity to yell back my appreciation and love for the song. Overall, the music was good but the performance felt a bit restrained.  I would’ve liked to see the rest of the band interact a bit more. They seemed more relaxed when Toby Rand of London Cries joined them onstage for “Warrior” but in general, it was mostly Bryce who tried to engage the crowd. The general venue vibe may have played a part in that, as did the fact that they’re relatively new on the scene as a band. There were definitely moments where I thought, “If the audience knew this song better, we’d have our hands in the air,” or clap at certain parts. Portions of “Igniter” could incite some epic crowd singing. There was a lot of room for people to get into it. The Smiths cover got more of a reaction. I’m hopeful that the more they play, the more familiar the audience will be, and the more likely they’d be willing to interact.

Food beckoned after the set. An old friend had joined up so we headed out to the restaurant area to grab some drinks and fries. I was also starting to get a headache at that point so was content to sit and chat. When Charming Liars took the stage in the other room however, my ears immediately perked up. I wasn’t feeling well enough to brave the bar but the more they played, the more curious I got. Solid rock, catchy riffs, and I could hear the audience singing here and there. Eventually, I had to go back in, catching the last song in their set, “Break Away.” Suffice it to say, insta-music-crush. Even from the back, I could feel their energy. It was infectious. They were having fun on that stage, and challenging everyone in proximity to do the same. I definitely feel the need to see them again, if nothing else to behold the entire set and see what I’d missed.

Keep an eye on both of these bands for some great music. The 2nd Wheel will be at Club Moscow (Boardners) on May 1. There is talk of an EP in the works.

Charming Liars have been hopscotching shows around LA the last few weeks but I’ve sadly had work or some other engagement and have thusly been unable to attend. I’m still hankering for a shirt. Something about the crossed swords design calls to me. Next time!



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