[ Fashion ] Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Posted: May 22, 2013 in Blog, Fashion
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Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Testing the waters here a bit. I find that I love putting outfits together more than my wallet can afford. This first set is very “me.” All fashion aspirations aside, this is the outfit I could live in the rest of my life and still be perfectly happy, weather allowing of course. No one who knows me would be surprised at any of these items. Each piece means or invokes something.

I must always have a red checked shirt in my closet. Currently, there are two- a plaid button down and another that’s more of a jacket. When I was a teenager, I lived in plaid flannel. Every day I didn’t have to wear a private school uniform, I was in jeans and a flannel. I like to think I was a tomboy but really, it was more about comfort and a lack of caring about my appearance. Now, I find ways to dress it up and play around with it more but it’s still one of my favorite wardrobe staples. The red also reminds me of one of my favorite guitarists, who has become very dear to my heart in the 10+ years I’ve been a fan.

The “Where’s the After Party” tank under the shirt is an obvious nod to my concert addiction. Nothing makes me happier than being in a crowd, singing along to my favorites. Meeting the band afterwards is always a huge plus.

The boots and shorts are pretty standard. I’m always after more of a “rocker” vibe and shorts are more fun than jeans sometimes. The boots could be anything really. Combat boots are preferred, Dr. Martens even more so. But that’s another story.

The backpack signifies a more recent addiction. Over the last year, I’ve slowly become a fan of a great many British shows, personalities, and artists. In addition, or perhaps because of that, I’ve met more Brits in the last 6 months than I have in my entire life. And all of them have significantly impacted my life in some way. I wouldn’t consider myself an Anglophile as of yet but I will say there’s almost always a pack of Polos in my purse now.

Last but not least, the jewelry. I have a similar peace sign bracelet except it’s all black, no white tile. I’ve always loved peace signs in jewelry and print. Nothing more to it than that. The pyramid stud bracelet is my version of the cuff a certain British comedian favors. I’ve been looking for something like that but most leather cuffs are too big for my tiny wrists.

I love the message in the ring, “Not All Who Wander Are Lost.” It reminds me that it’s okay to get off course, to explore. That the world is full of wonder no matter where you end up. And even if you’re scared you can’t find the way back, it doesn’t mean that you’re lost. Just experiencing something new.

Which leaves us with the angel wings. Friends have gifted me with several wing-themed accessories. Possibly because I have two wings tattooed on my back. They remind me of the freedom I most recently won, and that I should never give that up again.

So that’s it. My first real fashion post/breakdown. It was a bit soothing putting that all together, and much easier on the wallet. I probably won’t go into so much depth on future Polyvore posts This one was more of an introduction, my baseline from which all future outfits will spring. Anyway, until next time~



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