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Bryce Soderberg & the 2nd Wheel :: Stardust
Available to stream via Bandcamp

If there was ever a song that completely encompassed my life’s journey at this very moment, “Stardust” would be it. When I first heard it back in February, something in the song just resonated with me. I became so attached to it, I asked the man himself to post the lyrics just to see if the words would fit as well as the music. Whether he remembers the conversation or not, he did it last month.

I’m on a mission, resuming transmission, I checked out for too long
was put into submission ’till I wrote down it all
but the truth is I cannot be trusted with words in my head
assume the crash positions, brace, when getting out of bed

Coming out of a failed 10-year marriage and a mentally abusive relationship to boot, I’m ┬ámore than familiar with the concept of “checking out.” There were times I checked out so much that I didn’t care what happened to me. (more…)