Live Report (Follow Up) :: Simon Amstell – Numb

Posted: October 6, 2013 in Shows

Live Report: Simon AmstellNumb
Largo at the Coronet – Los Angeles, CA
Friday, May 3, 2013 @ 20:00

I belatedly realized I should have written a follow up to this post. I’ve seen Simon a second time. He’s still brilliant, still funny. But that night, his genius was slightly upended by a mouse. About halfway through the set, a murmur went through the crowd. It got louder until Simon actually stopped and looked where someone was pointing.

“What? Where? Under the piano?”

Indeed, as he cautiously and incredulously approached said instrument, sitting forgotten at the end of the stage, a tiny brown rodent shot out from underneath it, and disappeared quickly behind the backstage curtain.

He followed it a moment before coming back around to continue the set.

But the mouse was hungry for fame. Not long after, it poked its head out again, this time from stage right. Amidst squeaks from the audience, it darted this way and that, catching the attention of the yet again upstaged Amstell, before beelining straight into the audience. I was in the front row. Behind me, someone screeched and jumped on top of his seat, clutching at his companion. More shrieks and noises of dismay. The mouse did not reappear. The man behind me ended up leaving the theater due to the disturbance (and potential ninja rodent attack). It took a while before the crowd calmed enough for Simon to soldier on. He had a bit of trouble at first, but eventually got back on track after some impromptu audience participation.

All in all, he made a spectacular recovery and the show was just as good if not more so than the first time I saw him. It was certainly more memorable. After the show though, is what really made the evening for me. Not long after we were ushered out to the lobby, Simon came out of a side door to greet us. He recognized me immediately from the front row. I was nervous but he was very easy to chat with. We joked about my name (it had been referenced during the show) and how I’d come to the show alone. “You couldn’t find any other friends to come see me?” He also graciously signed something for a friend who wanted to come but lived in another country. I left, completely happy with the way the evening had gone, despite, or perhaps even because of the mouse situation. It had allowed me to interact with someone I deeply respected, both on and off the stage.

Thank you, Simon, for your grace, and most definitely your good humor. I can’t wait for your next stint on this side of the pond.

PS. New York! Welcome Simon this week and check out his Work In Progress. Tickets available via Ticketfly.



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