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Butch Walker :: Afraid of Ghosts

Posted: February 1, 2015 in Songs

Butch Walker :: Afraid of Ghosts
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I debated the potential connotations of having my first post in 2015 titled, “Afraid of Ghosts,” and ultimately decided I didn’t mind them. Considering I’m the type of person who tends to see signs in everything, leaving it makes me uncomfortable. It’s one of the things I want to push myself past this year- stopping or allowing myself to be prevented from doing something because I feel that discomfort.

What tipped the balance is the perfection in the lyrics.

Sometimes she takes a little longer getting ready
To pretend there’s someone to show
Did she ever find love
Or did this town have enough
I kinda bet, she’ll never let you know

There’s a certain anonymity in this town. There’s so many people, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. No one really looks at you. They’re too busy looking at themselves. At the same time, it ends up being a small world. You end up seeing the same faces in the same places. Everyone seems to know your name and the pressure’s on.

To keep the face up.
To be good if not better than everyone else.
To look like you’re doing okay if not better than everyone else.
To do something specific not just well but better than everyone else.

Even if that something is breaking down into a negative spiral.
It better be the best, biggest, and splashiest breakdown in history.
Otherwise it’s not worth mentioning.

But I can tell from the caked on powdered makeup
Covering wrinkles from smoking away tears
She wants it either way
And I want so bad to say
Love yourself for once my dear

The funny thing is that even then, no one’s really looking at you. They’re still busy looking at themselves. The difference is, they see you in the mirror. They can make side by side comparisons. They can judge and have opinions because you’re tangible and present and in their face.

But do they matter? Which ones matter? How do you choose?

She’s coming to terms with a ghost
Learning to deal
Gonna take just what scares her the most
Turn it into something real

What’s “real?” Reality is at least 90% perception. Fear is a large part of what drives me nowadays. Fear of missing out. Of not having lived. And that means confronting a lot of what scares me head on.

Let’s do this.