King Washington :: Evelyn

Posted: January 25, 2017 in Music, Songs

King Washington :: Evelyn
(Coming soon but catch them on tour here!)

It’s been ridiculously difficult to get rid of this song once it’s in your head, particularly when it syncs with your current state of mind. The song itself is sweet, catchy, with unexpected but very welcome harmonies, and a bridge that could go on forever.

Tyson or George (vocals, guitars), possibly both, once described this song as inspired by someone they met once, somewhere, and never saw again (I think). At least that’s what I got out of it. For someone who falls in love at the drop of a hat, it’s bittersweet and validating all at once. 

It’s that second you spot someone.
Crossing the room. Standing at a bar. Sitting at a coffee shop.
That moment when your eyes meet theirs.

It’s that high when everything seems possible.
You see yourself holding their hand.
Running across a field of wildflowers.
Catching them and tumbling into bed.
That sweet first kiss that feels like the first time every time.
You see it. You smile.
But when you open your eyes, perhaps they’re gone.
That spot on the bar is empty.
You look but maybe you can’t find them again.
Or maybe you do.
Regardless, there’s that flash of a high.
That galvanizing possibility.
You remember.
You forget.
You’re crushed.
You move on.
Until the next.
You learn.
There will always be a next.

To our Evelyns. At least all of mine.

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