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Posted: February 8, 2017 in Music, Songs

Life in LA has been full of #moments when I've felt like I was exactly where I was supposed to be. Tonight was no exception. First show of the new year gave me the exact words I needed to hear. Thank you @gkrikes @rossgarren @stateweho & the guy who shared his fries with a starving stranger for a lovely evening. PS. Since this song is truly the gift that keeps on giving, I'm still on about it a month later. #livemusic #happyplace #acoustic #guitar #harmonica #healing #heartbreak #recovery #answers #thisishome #singersongwriter #californiaswampblues #americana #StateSocialHouse #TheAttic #TuesdayMusicClub #GeorgeKrikes #WeHo #WestHollywood #SunsetStrip #LosAngeles #LALife #musiclife #musicislife #gratitude

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Sometimes a song comes into your life seemingly at random, and it forms the baseline of your existence from that point on. At least, the message is so strong that you want to believe it should.

This particular one entered my life as stated above, right when I needed it.

“So go find answers, go find proof
Let the wings of your spirit guide you
Go find new love, take it in
And let your heart break again and again.”

That is what I needed to hear then, that is what I need to hear now. I’m coming up on yet another heartbreak. I wasn’t even particularly invested in either. I keep breaking my own heart– no one is doing it for me.

Much of my life thus far has centered around the concept of “need.” You need to eat. Sleep. Work. You need money. Love. Romance. I have a bad relationship with need, particularly when I fixate that need on people. Need does weird things to my brain and I end up doing stupid things in the name of it.

But what if… I didn’t need to need anything? What if I didn’t have to chase a high? This doesn’t mean apathy, it means acceptance and letting go. The line between “want” and “need” is sometimes a hard one to distinguish. But what if I could?

The kicker is the last chorus, so sweet and simple, I want to bash my head in for not being able to realize it sooner.

“And you, you’re gonna be all right
And I, I’m gonna be all right too.
And we, we put up a good fight
Now we should kiss good night
And say good bye

‘Cause you don’t need me
And I don’t need you anymore
I don’t need you
And you don’t need me anymore…”

This isn’t rocket science. This isn’t a new concept that I’ve never been introduced to. But something about the repetition, the melody, maybe just my willingness to finally listen to the words when they’re put to music is re-wiring my brain. The song itself is beautiful– its crisp, clean guitar and hopeful tone only serves to augment the realization.

I saw George again last night and was at first, disappointed when he didn’t play this, especially since it’s unreleased. I can’t listen to it over and over and wallow in it. But then I realized– I don’t need the song. I already had it. In my brain, in my heart. The gift of this song is to not need it. To not need anything. To realize you already have the answers and that if anything, what you need to do is take a step back and remember that.

Dum spiro spero. “While I breathe, I hope.” As long as you’re breathing, everything still exists.

I’m failing to use my words. I don’t know how to put how I’m feeling, how much of an impact this song has on me, into words. There truly aren’t words.

Just a blanket wrapped around my heart, keeping it from falling, from breaking. Keeping it safe until a new day dawns and new possibilities enter into my life. And the reminder that all of it is still possible. Which is perhaps, the most healing realization of all.

Thank you, George. Everyone else, keep your eye out here to catch this guy play live. See you there.



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