Hi. My name is Joy. And I’m a music junkie.

When people discover I don’t drink and have basically been sober my entire life, they always ask me what I do to unwind or loosen up. The answer always is music. A music high can keep me going for days. Recently, it became apparent that when I don’t get to play music I like, my body and brain start to shut down, as if they just don’t want to work anymore.

Music kept me alive during an unhealthy marriage and was there to catch me during the subsequent divorce. Music gives me hope where there was none, and reasons to keep going when nothing seems to matter anymore.

Thank you to all the artists who’ve kept me alive and sane throughout the years. No words could ever convey my gratitude.


PS. You can listen to the Featured Songs and/or check out my Current Playlists on Spotify. 🙂

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