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There’s a thing that takes up space in my head. A thing I don’t talk about because it wasn’t quite enough. It’s the same reasoning that leads me to think I should stop talking about my cancer to anyone who doesn’t already know me.

But maybe, just maybe, I’m wrong. I started talking about my past health issues because it was a rare enough condition that I wanted to help educate people about it. Then I got a “common” cancer and suddenly I didn’t feel like I had anything out of the ordinary to share.

I’d like to break out of that way of thinking. I’ve become fairly adept at talking my way around the subject without actually naming it. I don’t feel worthy of the label. Because what I’d experienced wasn’t bad enough to warrant a label.

I figure those who were physically abused would laugh at me because I was never physically hurt. That those who have to go through chemo would scoff because my cancer was on the right side of “curable” (even the rare one is “recurring but benign”).

I’m one of the first who will say I don’t want to be labeled but sometimes giving a thing a name makes it easier to accept. And if I accept the identification, it may make it easier to deal with.

So that’s what I’d like to try out tonight. (more…)


Recovery is a bitch.

Even more so when you’re recovering from one surgery, just to go into another.

It doesn’t seem worth it somehow, to eat right, exercise, to build up strength and endurance just to know you’ll lose all of it and be back to square one within a few weeks.

It’s frustrating to be in that kind of limbo.

As far as the hemangiopericytoma, I’ve bought myself a few more years with this last surgery. They got it all, and shaved off part of my diaphragm in the process. It’s mildly disconcerting to think of how many bits and pieces of me are scattered in labs somewhere.

In the days that followed, they discovered a new cancer. Thyroid this time. This time, it’s “malignant.” They have to take all of it out. I’ll have to take Synthroid or some other hormone replacement for the rest of my life.

Frightening thought. Especially when they’re going to be so close to my voicebox.

But worse is the idea of not having the surgery. I think. It’s hard to know, to be sure. Nothing’s sure.

So here we go again. Round 2. Pre-op this week.


[ Musings ] The real life

Posted: November 6, 2015 in Blog, Health
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Let’s talk about Hemangiopericytoma.

I have it.
Others have it.
But it’s rare enough that no one really knows what to do about it.

Cancer in general is tricky. There are so many different kinds, so many variations even within a specific kind of cancer (ie lung) that treatment tends to be hit or miss. My particular case technically isn’t even cancer. It’s a recurring mass that has resulted in two surgeries (the first, an 8-hour marathon + 4 hour embolism) within 4 years and a severely atrophied kidney.

And mine considered a “benign” tumor.

Now, 5 years after the last, I’m staring down the barrel of another one, pending approval to see a liver surgeon. My health insurance has been… less than inspiring thus far but one can only hope. Best case, I end up under the knife and on the hook for 20% of it after I wake up. Worst case… well, let’s just not.

The past weekend has given me time to reflect, to digest the news, and get on with the next step. I realized the full extent of how this situation has influenced how I live my life. It has forced me to take each day, each moment, and try to make it one to remember. To cram in as much as possible before the next MRI. The next diagnosis. The next time on the table. I fail a lot. I fall a lot. Sometimes I hurt those I love along the way. That’s when I want to give up, when I wonder if this is worth it. If living is worth it.

But I’m always reminded it is– whether it’s a friend that comes calling, a favorite song that comes on, even looking up at the sunset at just the right time.

Living is worth it. Besides, I’m already here. Might as well make the best of it.



Kundalini Yoga :: Plow Pose

Kundalini Yoga :: Plow Pose // Image Credit:

Yesterday, I ventured into the mysterious realms of Kundalini Yoga via Seventh Chakra Yoga. I’d been feeling antsy and increasingly frustrated with life over the last few weeks. I felt I was reaching a breaking point in several aspects of my life- mainly career, relationships, and friendships. I couldn’t settle down. I didn’t know how to. I just knew I needed to take a step back and center myself, dig deep for the answers I knew were inside.

Kundalini was exactly what I needed. (more…)