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Paloma Faith :: Fall To Grace

Posted: November 30, 2012 in Albums

Paloma Faith :: Fall to Grace
Release Date: 2012.12.04
Pre-Order: CD w/ autographed booklet
Available on Amazon: Album | CD

This album literally became my “saving grace.” I stumbled on it at a time when I was trying to sort out various relationship issues. There wasn’t much I could do about said issues at the time which made them worse. I was frustrated, a little bit scared, mostly insecure. That’s when Paloma swept me off my feet and carried me to a better place (mentally).

The first song I heard was “Picking Up the Pieces,” incidentally the first single, also the first track on the album. The first few lines… were exactly what I was thinking at the time. It was eerie. Downright creepy. It scared me.

Do you think of her when you’re with me?
Repeat the memories you made together, whose face do you see?
Do you wish I was a bit more like her?
Am I too loud? I play the clown to cover up all these doubts

As the song went on, it just got worse. Every word, every thought, every fear. Right there, laid out by this angelic, soulful voice that delved straight into my muddled head, pulling everything out into sharp focus. (more…)